Early works

Website & Catalog for Natural Products

Designed an interactive product catalog and e-commerce website for Gyorgytea.hu, starting with user research and stakeholder interviews. Created mockups to ensure an intuitive user flow and applied UI design principles for an aesthetically pleasing interface. Worked with the development team to accurately implement the design and extensively tested the website to improve conversion rates. The final result was a highly functional, visually appealing, and user-friendly website that increased customer engagement, retention, and conversions.

Intranet Design for a Pharmaceutical Business

For a pharmaceutical business, I had the opportunity to work on the design of their intranet system. The project involved both UX and UI design, ensuring that the system would be easy to use and navigate for all employees and customers on physical terminals. The focus was on creating a system that would enhance communication and collaboration among employees across various departments and locations, making it easier for them to access and share information. The end result was an intranet system that improved efficiency and productivity within the company.

Website for a Toyota dealership

Designed the website of the largest Toyota dealer in Hungary. I worked closely with the client to understand their requirements and vision, and collaborated with the development team to ensure a seamless implementation of the design. I created a user-friendly design that prioritized ease of navigation and accessibility, while maintaining the Toyota brand's identity. The end result was a website that provided an exceptional user experience and effectively showcased the client's products and services to their target audience.

Website design for the renown language school

I had the opportunity to work on multiple projects for the renown language school International House, with a primary focus on designing campaign websites. Working closely with the team, I ensured that each design aligned with the brand's guidelines and effectively communicated the intended message to the target audience. The projects involved user research and analysis, as well as constant collaboration and communication with stakeholders. By leveraging my skills in web design and user experience (UX) design, I successfully delivered high-quality web pages that met the client's expectations and resulted in increased engagement and conversions.

Website for transportation company

I was hired to redesign and create a website for a major transportation company. My role included user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design, as well as the delivery of the project based on WordPress, ensuring that the website not only looked visually appealing but also provided a seamless experience for users. I delivered a visually appealing, and functional and optimized for any device. The end result was a successful website that improved customer engagement and reputation for the transportation company.

Interface design for mobile game

I was responsible for designing the user interface (UI) of the mobile game KAIKU, ensuring that the graphics and interactions were intuitive and engaging for players. I identified the most effective layout and navigation, and worked closely with developers to ensure the UI was seamlessly integrated into the overall game design. The end result was a polished and enjoyable user experience that contributed to the success of the game.

Ancient works

You've reached the earliest works of mine. Here you can see some very old stuff. 🙂

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