I'm David Kinoranyi

Product Designer


My Approach

I’m passionate about working on digital products. I believe in data-driven decisions and user-centered approach. Experienced in qualitative & quantitative user research, product development, idea validation and interface design I’ve helped many businesses to perform better. I had projects in e-commerce, healthcare and entertainment, helping them from the concept phase to deliver final products.

Analytical views, clear communication and being critical are major traits of mine. I love working in teams and I always tend to think with the user’s head.

I am always up for self-development, I regularly attend on meetups and conferences. I never give up improving my skills. I love working in teams, I prioritize communication and planning, experienced working in agile/scrum setup.

Constantly pursuing happy users.



Proficient in qualitative research methods


Experienced in quantitative research techniques


Skilled in user interface design


Capable of evaluating and validating ideas


Happy to work in teams, scrum/agile

I designed multiple campaign & landing pages at HBO Europe; improved the user journeys & experience of Opel’s digital platforms; I helped to create and become Europe’s No. 1 e-commerce platform of beers, Beerwulf.com; at De Keizer Marine, I am responsible for products for superyachts and company websites.