I'm David, Product & UX Designer

With almost 10 years of experience, I'm dedicated to creating value for people through data-driven decision-making and user-centered design. With experience in qualitative and quantitative user research methods, usability testing, and validation, I'm well-versed in every aspect of the design thinking process, from ideation to wireframing & prototyping, and the creation of development-ready mockups.

Analytical & critical thinking, empathic approach, & clear communication are among the traits of mine. I've honed my skills while working with businesses across a wide range of industries, including e-commerce, healthcare, and automotive. As a lifelong learner, I'm always seeking opportunities to grow and develop my skills. I strive to be a valuable team player with efficient presentation skills in an agile environment.
My approach

Product Discovery Process

Product discovery is an essential process that I use in my work to identify and validate product ideas.
It involves researching user needs, identifying market opportunities, and exploring potential solutions through ideation and prototyping.

Empathize & Learn

As a first step, I use a variety of research methods to gain a deep and comprehensive understanding of the target audience, including qualitative and quantitative approaches. By prioritizing empathy and avoiding bias, I am able to develop a nuanced understanding of user needs and preferences, which informs all subsequent stages of the product development cycle.

Ideate & Iterate

I then use this information to generate ideas and prototypes, which I test and iterate based on user feedback. Through this process, I am able to identify viable product concepts that address real user needs and have the potential to succeed in the market. I also apply relevant usability, accessibility & design principles.

Deliver & Involve

With this process I am able to create products that are both user-centered and commercially viable. I also involve stakeholders throughout the process to ensure their buy-in and support, and present outcomes and recommendations in a clear and compelling manner.
The person behind

In my free time

I'm a passionate photographer who loves to capture the beauty of the world. One of my favorite subjects is nature: I love to capture amazing landscapes, animals and plants. Another subject that's close to my heart is aviation. I enjoy watching and capture planes of all kinds, from vintage to modern, from commercial to military. As an aviation geek I also build a simulator at home.

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