Designing for some of the best luxury yachts in the world

UX & usability of software on luxury yachts

Passion-driven in a limited market

The on-board software was cluttered, the functionalities were not straightforward and in many cases these cause delay in act by the crew.

Comfort features were confusing, there were many weak point in the user experience.

Because in many unique orders there was no consistency between interfaces.

Both the crew and passengers to have a better time on board

Simplifying processes and user journeys brought less headaches for the crew. Providing consistency through the product line to helped the users to recognise a situation and to be able to act faster.

Finding the real difficulties of the users point out the real issues so we could fix them. Continuous usability testing pointed out the weak points and what functions were to be improved.

Creation of De Keizer Design system helped to make all products to be scalable.

Alarm, monitoring & safety systems

Simplified processes and made safety functions close to the hand have key importance. I helped the product development team providing reports of my research, constantly improving the usability and interfaces.

Entertainment & control

Delivered usability, accessibility and user experience design for audio, video, climate, lighting and security controls. Integration design based on Creston interfaces.
My responsibilities

- Usability improvements for comfort and safety features onboard
- Qualitative research on current developments
- Improvement of the user journeys through the product portfolio
- Conversion rate optimization of recruitment websites
- Creation of De Keizer Design System


- Reports & proposals for issues during the development
- User journeys, empathy maps, flows and processes supporting improvements
- Wireframes & mockups
- High fidelity interfaces based on design system

Tools and methods

- Qualitative research (surveys, polls, interviewing)
- Usability testing on the spot
- Google Analytics, internally developed software with data
- Crazy Egg
- Sketch
- InVision

Currently located in

The Netherlands

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