Setting high standards in product design at Philips

Receiving an inquiry from Philips made me very excited. They reached me out to get someone who helps in the harmonisation of product design, company-wise. As senior designer I coordinated a design process to find a solution for a global problem.

Key takeways

Philips Design meant to provide knowledge and assets for product teams worldwide. For this, there was a design system in development, and an idea of having one single source of truth. There were some more to uncover:

Designers were separated from product teams
Confusion and lots of questions flooded the team constantly
Poor research resulted many unhappy clients
Instead of providing value, design was a headache

The process

Product discovery and mapping
The project aimed to cover all products within the company. We started with mapping out what we want to solve
Setting up user journeys and UX patterns
We discovered several returning patterns that provided us a good start. Defining and refining them resulted a large amount of learnings.
Providing solutions ready for adaptation
In cooperation with the team who worked on the design system of Philips, we started building flexible solutions.

Improving repeated patterns and setting up blueprints 

Aiming to improve health, Philips has many products and services for personal health, even more for healthcare providers. This resulted imbalances, unoptimised workflows that we mean to fix by introducing guidelines and blueprints.

Delivering the hub that helps designers and developers

This process will take a while to get the whole organisation on the same page. I managed to contribute to deliver a knowledge hub that is a helpful source for product managers, designers and developers.

Currently located in

The Netherlands

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