Taking the sales of the renown car brand to the next level

Joining the agency hired by the European car brand Opel, I contributed to the team that created a new online platform for both B2B and B2C customers in Europe. The platform included the main corporate website, the online showroom, and the Dealer Web Toolkit, a CMS for dealerships.


The project had several challenges that required creative and user-centered solutions:

  • The existing website was outdated, unresponsive, and did not reflect Opel's new brand image

  • The online showroom did not showcase Opel's products in an attractive and interactive way

  • The ordering process was complex and confusing for customers

  • The dealer web toolkit was cumbersome and inefficient for dealerships to manage their websites and stock

Goals & Expectations

  • Improve the showcase of products & services of Opel dealerships in an engaging and informative way

  • Provide a seamless and intuitive configuration & ordering process for customers

  • Support dealerships with a robust and easy-to-use CMS and stock management system

  • Align with Opel's new design system and brand identity

The process

To tackle these challenges, I collaborated with researchers & analysts, and followed a user-centered design process that involved the following steps:


I was involved in user research to understand the needs, preferences, and pain points of Opel's customers and dealerships. I created surveys, conducted interviews, contributed to defining personas, created empathy maps, and user journeys. I also acted upon an extensive market analysis of Opel's competitors and industry trends.


Generated ideas for possible solutions based on the research insights. I used techniques such as brainstorming, sketching, wireframing, and prototyping. I collaborated with other designers, developers, and stakeholders to get feedback and iterate on the concepts.


Tested and validated the solutions with real users using tools such as Marvel, Google Analytics, Crazy Egg, and in-person user testing. I measured the usability and desirability of the designs using metrics such as task completion rate, satisfaction score, conversion rate, and retention rate. I also collected qualitative feedback from users to identify areas for improvement.


Delivered the final designs to the development team using tools such as Adobe Fireworks, Edge Animate, and Marvel. I ensured that the designs were aligned with Opel's design system and guidelines, as well as the technical specifications and constraints. I also provided documentation and support for the implementation of the designs.


The outcome of my UX design work was a new online experience for Opel that improved both the customer satisfaction and the business performance. Some of the results were:

  • Increased online showroom visits by 25% and conversion by 15%
  • Introduced a new responsive design system that allowed customers to browse Opel websites on any device
  • Reduced bounce rate significantly and increased average session duration by 35%
  • Improved dealer satisfaction by 80% and eliminated half of human errors in the latest version of Dealer Web ToolkitEnhanced brand identity and consistency across different platforms and devices
  • Design system delivered supporting various elements & features of responsive content


The tools I used for this project were:

  • Google Analytics, Crazy Egg, and custom software for data analysis

  • Adobe Fireworks for wireframes & mockups, Edge Animate for demonstration

  • Marvel for prototyping, producing cross-platform assets and handoffs


Through this project, I learned a lot about UX design for complex and large-scale websites. Some of the key learnings were:
Managing processes well contribute to the outcomes
How to balance user needs, business goals, and technical constraints in a dynamic and competitive environment.
Adaptiveness is required
How to adapt to changing requirements and feedback throughout the project lifecycle.
Stakeholder management is key
How to collaborate effectively with different teams and stakeholders across different locations and time zones
Design process doesn't come with a script
How to use various tools and methods to create, test, and deliver high-quality designs

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